Thank you for visiting Vineyard Community Church.
Visiting church can bring on many different feelings, emotions, and sometimes the fear pf the unknown if you haven’t been to one.  We want you to feel comfortable and at home being with us.  Please dress comfortably as we believe we wear our Sunday best everyday.  Church needs to be a place where you can be yourself.  Bring all your mess with you.  Don’t think you need to be someone you are not, have perfect children, or need to impress people.  We’ll have coffee and all we ask is that you join into what feels comfortable for you. 
Here is what to expect when you walk in the first time. 
1, You’ll Be Greeted At the Door
We have people who will be there to say good morning and give you our bulletin for that days service.  They can answer any questions for you and will direct you to get your coffee if you would like.
(IF you have kids this is where you’ll be shown where to drop them off is you desire) 
2. Stop by Our Hospitality Area 
Our Hospitality Area is where people gather to get a fresh cup of coffee and some pastries before service starts.  It’s a chance to meet people and make your way into our sanctuary.
3. Our Community Gathers in Worship (10AM)
We get together as a community as some may call it a mass, a celebration, or a service. We gather to celebrate God and we do this in different ways.  We celebrate with music, with the word of God from the bible, and by fellowship with one another.  Sometimes this is upbeat and excited while other times it with heavy hearts.  God wants the real us celebrating the real Him. 
We will start out with music and after a few songs we will break to share any important announcements about upcoming events or church information.  There is a short time to meet new people as our pastor or guest speaker prepares to share.  We structure our messages around central themes that are thought provoking and give us something to take into the week with us.  We share the word of God in more of a storytelling format that encourages a message of hope and grace that is relevant for us today.
We finish with what we call ministry or prayer time.  We believe it’s important to pray for those who want prayer.  Sometimes the message being shared stirs something within us that we will want prayer for.  We have people who will pray in the front of the sanctuary as well as people in their seats.  Our time together usually last around 1 1/2 hours.   
4. No Need to Rush Out
The person sharing will announce that our service is over but that doesn’t mean rush right out and leave.  This is a time to hang out, meet new friends, and talk with the pastors.  Our time together is all about relationships and we love to have time when we all gather to connect with one another.  
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