Teenagers gathering together to learn from each other, and working together to live out Christian values and principals.
Life is awkward enough.  Add being a teenager to the mix and things get interesting at best.  Echo is our high school group that gives our teenagers space to navigate life happening around them right now.  It’s a safe space where friendships, conversations, bible exploration, and just hanging out happens.  We all need a place to just be “us”.  Echo gives these kids the time and place to do just this.  If you are a teen and have teen friends,
Echo is a place for you!  
E.  C.  H.  O.
Encouraging       Christian       High School       Outreach  
E.C.H.O. HS Group
Meets Every Sunday
12:00PM to 2:00PM 
              Kaylee Dworning                            Janice Vagula
              David Anderson
              Zane Lowie