If Vineyard Community Church plays a valuable role in your life, please consider supporting us financially. Vineyard is a nonprofit religious organization and all donations are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens. We operate under sound financial practices, exercising good stewardship and complete financial accountability to God and our Church members.
Checks can be mailed to:
Vineyard Community Church
1928 East 300th Street
Wickliffe, OH 44092
You can also donate online via PayPal using your credit card or personal checking account. For those of you considering the use of credit cards, we offer this option for the sake of convenience only. We ask that you incur no additional debt, but instead are using a credit card to replace what you can otherwise afford to donate via check or cash.
Note: PayPal is an online clearing house for Internet transactions. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account in order to donate online.
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