There are many ways to serve the church during our Sunday services as well as many other times during the week.  When we have an event, a conference, a worship night, or anything where people gather, there is always something that needs set up or prepared.  After the event there is always items to be put away and cleaned up.  This is an amazing way to serve and meet new people doing it.  Here are some areas to serve in. 
Did you smell the fresh coffee when you walked through the door?  Our Coffee Ministry makes sure our community has fresh coffee and pastries before service.  This is an easy way to serve and meet people while doing it.  Is this ministry for you?  
There is nothing more important than to make people feel welcome as they come into the church.  A smile and a “Good Morning” greeting are the only  requirements to do this.  
Serving our community is as simple as doing what you are good at for others.  If you are good with kids, good with numbers, turn a wrench, can drive someone, can hand someone a can of food, prepare a meal, or give some encouragement, you have what it takes to serve.