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February 2020

The Spirit’s Work: The Cursed Reversed

Diversity In Unity

The Spirit of Christlikeness – Romans 8:1-11

January 2020


The Spirit of Adoption

The Spirit of Jesus: The Helper, John 14:15-26

December 2019

Where Did You See God This Week? Genesis 1:1-2

December 2019

Prince of Peace, Isaiah 9:6

Everlasting Father, Isaiah 9:1-7

Wonderful Counselor, Isaiah 9:6

October 2019

The Feast of the Father

Redefining Hope, Luke 15

The True Elder Brother

Redefining Lostness

September 2019

Redefining Sin

2 Lost Sons – Luke 15: 11-32

The People Around Jesus, Luke 15:1-10

September 2019

Death (Final of David Sermon Series)

Theology (2 Samuel 22)

August 2019



Sovereign Grace


July 2019




June 2019


June 2019

The Sheeps and the Goats

Stewards of God’s Treasures

May 2019

People get Ready

The Treasure of the Kingdom

Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

The Problem With Pain

April 2019

The Mystery of the Kingdom

April 2019

Resurrection Sunday – Holy Week

Palm Sunday

April 2019

Clean Inside / Outside

March 2019

Justice, Mercy, Faithfulness, and Giving

Living By Kingdom Values

What’s Really Important

“What’s Really Important” from W.O. E. is Me – How to Work on Excellence by Brent Paulson. Released: 2019. Genre: Religious.

“Keeping an Open Door to God’s Kingdom”

“”Keeping an Open Door to God’s Kingdom”” from WOE: How to Work On Excellence by Pastor Brent Paulson. Released: 2019.

True Greateness Matt 23:5-12

“True Greateness Matt 23:5-12” from W.O.E. is Me – How to Work on Excellence by Scott Purdum. Released: 2019. Genre: Religious.

February 2019

People of the Word Neh 8

“People of the Word Neh 8” from Nehemiah-Restoring Community, Reforming Hearts by Brent Paulson. Released: 2019. Genre: Religious.

” Can’t Give Up Now” Nehemiah 6 & 7

“” Can’t Give Up Now” Nehemiah 6 & 7″ from Sermon Series: Nehemiah – Restoring Community, Reforming Hearts by Jacquinette Brown. Released: 2019.

Inportance of Unity

“Inportance of Unity” from Rebuild & Restore Lives I Communities by Brent Paulson. Released: 2019. Genre: Religious.

January 2019

Part 1 Generous Justice

“Part 1 Generous Justice” from The Importance of Unity in God’s Mission by Pastor Brent Paulson. Genre: religious.

Leading and Following

“Leading and Following” from Rebuilding and Restoring by Pastor Brent Paulson. Genre: religious.

God’s Soverignty and Faithfulness

“God’s Sovereignty and Faithfulness” from Series: Rebuilding & Restoring Lives and Communities by Pastor Brent Paulson. Released: 2019. Genre: Wickliffe 10 Am.

Start Here

“Start Here” from Rebuilding & Restoring Lives & Communities, The book of Nehemiah by Allan Ring Jr.. Released: 2019. Genre: Religious.